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Tools for all

ASK-IT Sub Project 2 develops the tools and applications for ASK-IT which are then combined in an intelligent way by SP3 and offered to the end user.

A bundle of tools will be developed which cover:

  • A positioning module that combines different positioning technologies and helps to exactly determine the users position
  • A navigation tool that enables the user to find his way in an unknown environmentInterfaces and tools to integrate the ASK-IT services in the users home environment, such as a remote control of the multimedia system
  • Interfaces and tools to enable the user to use ASK-IT services also in his car environment (ADAS/IVICS)Tools and interfaces which allow the monitoring of the users health through wearable sensors and request for help in emergency situations
  • Tools and interfaces, including assistive devices, in order to enable the user to access IT systems, such as the Internet or eLearning applications
  • Tools and interfaces to allow the user to undertake eTicketing and booking while on trip

Technology Surveys

In order to carry out the work in SP2 several surveys are in progress or finalised (outline):

  • WP2.1 Technologies Benchmarking and Tool Requirements
  • WP2.1 Literature survey on existing tools and services
  • WP2.1 Set up of a Web based DB on relevant technologies
  • WP2.2 Analysis on positioning technologies
  • WP2.5 Survey on domotic applications in the sites
  • WP2.7 Literature survey on „Health & Emergency Applications
  • WP2.8 Survey on pros & cons of todays assistive and mobile devices (part of 2.1)

Technology Database


Positioning technologies

  • Satellite based ( GPS, EGNOS/GALILEO, Differential GNSS, GLONASS )
  • Mobile Network Based ( GSM, 3G (TDMA, CDMA Triangulation ) )
  • Wireless networks ( Infrastructure based, Mobile ad-hoc, Smartdust/RFID )

Positioning requirements

  • The same for all user groups, but different according to the environment of the userRoaming between positioning technologies needed

Positioning architecture

  • Positioning signals on the mobile client and in the back-end system, depending on the processing power needed.


  • Reports on EGNOS interfaces and positioning technologies are in progress

Galileo Time Plan and Service Commercialisation

Based on the currently GALILEO time plan and Service Commercialisation”,the GALILEO services will be full operative starting from 2010 . Moreover their specific details are still under definition.


As a consequence, only EGNOS service should be considered in the provisioning of the enhanced accuracy localisation functionality within ASK-IT . It is envisaged that EGNOS will became full operative in 2005.




  • Navigation and Positioning are closely related
  • They will be based to a certain degree on open standards and interfaces
  • Off-board and on-board solutions on mobile device
  • Stand-alone application interfacing other applications
  • Integration with on-board units in the car
  • Navigation possible out-door and in-door
  • Maps and networks are adapted to special user needs
  • New categories of POI will be integrated
  • Innovative services to assist the user


  • Development of an eCommerce site to book and pay for a set of services offered like:
  • Hotel reservation or booking of tickets
  • Payment functionalities, for example for eTicketing

Additional features

  • Use of widely accepted and secure ePayment methods
  • Administrating utility for pricing policies
  • The payment can be done only through the eCommerce site
  • Development of an ePayment module able to be integrated to other ASK-IT services to provide e-payment functionality.
  • User registration and profiling
  • Product E-Catalogue: providing multimedia and pricing information
  • Shopping Cart: allowing the user to select, modify or cancel orders
  • Order Management: handling of orders

Domotic Module

The aim of the domotic module is to support the provision of seamless home environment management to the MI traveller on the move


Domotic Module "... and seamless info-mobility services at home"


In-Car Services


ASK IT services are available in different environment

The activity is aimed to guarantee to the user access to ASK IT services using in-vehicle device

When provided in the car, service shape is adapted to user profile and user impairment and to the context of use

ASK IT application can be:

  • installed on in vehicle existing telematic platform
  • installed on a dedicated device interfaced to the in vehicle IVICS and ADAS systems
  • Processing information coming from ADAS is possible to classify the surrounding scenario in terms of dangerousness and so cut the service accordingly to the context
  • Analysis of existing health, social and emergency management applications
  • Collection and analysis of medical devices and wearable sensors
  • Specification of health and emergency management module
  • Interrelation with WP2.5 (domotic modules)
  • Alarm detection and automatic responses:
  • Outdoors: fall sensor, panic button, localisation-related alarms
  • Indoors: outdoors + smoke, temperature, flood, gas…
  • Link mechanisms to common emergency, health and social services
  • Integration of medical profile parameters and schemes
  • Confidential data transmission policy

Assistive Devices

Overview of existing computer accessibility devices

Enabling eLearning, eWorking, Internet, etc.

  • Special keyboards
  • Virtual keyboards
  • Pointing devices
  • Speech systems
  • Head Mounted Systems
  • etc…


To develop an overall interface concept for the MI users, covering all systems & services developed within ASK-IT.

Design the interface concept for the following devices:

  • PDA
  • Table PC
  • Mobile phone

Provide maximum user friendliness through

  • cross-platform-compatibility (e.g. same logics behind www site and PDA menu),
  • self explaining structure, metaphors and layout
  • easy to learn and use for the ASK-IT user groups.

Development of graphical elements

Most promising results from icon test

diagram diagram
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