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Forthcoming ASK-IT events

Forthcoming Events Place Description Scheduled Contact information
    Pilot site events   Click here for more information
Past Events Madrid, Spain The Madrid pilot is focusing mainly on physically disabled persons and senior citizens. Coordinated by the Fundación Movilidad, a recently-established public body within the Madrid City Council, and with Public Transport Consortium CTRM as travel information provider, it aims to improve existing Internet services in terms of ease of access, and integrate them into a single device for availability in real time on a portable device being tested by local associations for the disabled. 29 September 2008


ASK-IT final event program

  Helsinki, Finland The Helsinki site is promoting independent mobility for people with functional limitations by providing improved accessibility to existing Tourism and public transport services in the tourism and public transport sectors, using context-related and real-time information. For example, a blind person will be helped to use public transport, while someone in a wheelchair will be able to choose a hotel suited to their needs. Stakeholders include STAKES (the Technical Research Centre of Finland), Helsinki City Transport and transport technical research centre VTT. The local event will take place on 24 September (tbc) in Helsinki. The working language will be Finnish. 24 September 2008


  Nuremberg, Germany The theme of the Conference will be: “Mobility for All – The Use of Ambient Intelligence in Addressing the Mobility Needs of People with Impairments: The Case of ASK-IT”. 10 July 2008 Nuremberg event material
ASK-IT Final Conference Nuremberg, Germany The theme of the Conference will be: “Mobility for All – The Use of Ambient Intelligence in Addressing the Mobility Needs of People with Impairments: The Case of ASK-IT”. 25-27 June 2008 ASK-IT Final Conference Programme and Registration Form
ASK-IT Final Stakeholders User Forum and Registration Form
Exhibitors info (pdf)
  Hague, The Nederlands The Hague satellite site is trialling an electronic ‘Smartline’ guideline for visually-impaired people, using GPS and RFID, physically along a route The Hague Central Station and the city centre, passing a number of Government ministries, the Dutch Parliament, the City Hall, the central library and several theatres. Information for navigation inside buildings will also be available. The ASK-IT device used is equipped with a text-to-speech module. The local event will take place on the 12th of June. The working language will be Dutch. 12 June 2008


Click here for more information

  Bucarest, Romania The ASK-It@Bucharest project is staging two scenarios in the Romanian capital. In the first, a blind traveller has received an ASK-IT device and is planning a trip to an ASK-IT enabled city abroad. For this, he needs to check flight and hotel information and local contacts from the ASK-IT site abroad. Once he decides on the most convenient option he books the room and flight through the ASK-IT e-Booking service.  In order to reach his hotel he searches for access content concerning the access to the respective hotel and the airport accessibility facilities and arranges to be picked-up at the airport by taxi. If there are any problems there, he can call the ASK-IT helpdesk or local contacts to make alternative arrangements. In the second, a wheelchair user decides to tour the city by public transport using an ASK-IT device for route information. 5 June 2008 icre@polis-online.org
  Athens, Thessaloniki, Greece The Greek site combines the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki with Athens International Airport as the point of connection. It aims to apply a range of ASK-IT applications to existing services, including traffic and travel information services, demand-responsive transport services, and personal assistance, for the benefit of users with motor disabilities, hearing problems and dyslexia. The local event will take place on the 14th of May 2008 in Athens. 14 May 2008 icre@polis-online.org
Knowledge Discovery and DSS in Health Information Systems       Funchal  Madeira, Portugal The purpose of the International Conference on Health Informatics is to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) to healthcare and medicine in general and to the specialized support to persons with special needs in particular. Databases, networking, graphical interfaces, intelligent decision support systems and specialized programming languages are just a few of the technologies currently used in medical informatics. Mobility and ubiquity in healthcare systems, standardization of technologies and procedures, certification, privacy are some of the issues that medical informatics professionals and the ICT industry in general need to address in order to further promote ICT in healthcare. 28-31 January 2008 Click for more information
MCTA 2008: 8. Conference Mobile Commerce Augsburg, (Germany) The conference MCTA aims at the entire width mobile of the Commerce of Enabling Technologies and infrastructures up to applications, views of economy and methodical beginnings.
It takes up current aspects from these ranges and connects thereby qualitatively high-quality contributions from science and practice.
28-29 January 2008 Click for more information
Augmentative-Alternative Communication & Assistive Technology Conference USA, Washington As new clinical approaches emerge and technology improves, therapists and educators are increasingly challenged to enhance knowledge of best practices in the treatment and education for clients, patients, and students with augmentative-alternative communication and assistive technology needs January 31 & February 1, 2008 Click for more information
ICADI International Conference on Aging, Disability and Independence St. Petersburg, Florida The International Conference on Aging, Disability and Independence (ICADI) will focus on approaches to support people as they age in maintaining independence in daily living at home, at work and in the community. February 21-23, 2008 Click for more information
Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference Los Angeles, CA An international conference, where all technologies across all ages, disabilities, levels of education and training employment and independent living are addressed. Also the longest-running and largest annual university sponsored conference on technology and persons with disabilities.   10-15March 2008 Click for more information
CWUAAT 08: The 4th Cambridge Workshop on
Fitzwilliam College
University of Cambridge,
The topics that will be discussed during the workshop are the following:
  • Design Issues for Inclusion
  • Computer Access, Intelligent Environments and New Technologies
  • Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology
  • Inclusive Product Design
  • Users and User Data in the Inclusive Design Process
  • Social, Workplace and Environmental Context of Inclusive Products
  • Inclusive Design Education
  • Legislation, Standards and Government Awareness of Inclusive Design
13-16 April 2008 Click for more information
2008 Health Technologies Conference and Expo< Toronto, Canada The 2008 Health Technologies Conference and Expo is the ideal platform to facilitate learning and cooperation amongst IT Health Care professionals and executives.
The 2008 Health Technologies Conference and Expo will focus on many innovative and revolutionary health care solutions, including:
  • Electronic Health Records
  • eHealth Applications
  • Medical Equipment
  • Business Intelligence and Healthcare
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Claims Management
  • Healthcare Integration Solutions
  • Mobile Data Systems
  • Patient Monitoring Systems
  • Security/HIPAA
  • Tele-Health Solutions
  • Biometrics and Identity Management
  • Medical Imaging and Document Management
  • Clinical Research & Privacy Implications
April 15 - 16, 2008 Click for more information
Support buers Jaarbeurs,
The Netherlands
Support is the largest lifestyle event in the Benelux for disabled people and people, who by virtue of their profession fully understand the limitations that physical handicaps can cause. What makes Support unique is exactly this combination of end-users and visitors from within the sector. 16-19 April 2008 Click for more information
2nd International Convention on Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Bangkok, Thailand, The conference addresses current and future developments in the areas of Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology. Topic areas include, but not limited to:
  • New rehabilitation techniques & studies, novel assistive technology products
  • Assistive robotics, rehabilitative & therapeutic robotics, robotic environments and companions
  • Biomedical devices and instruments
  • Orthoses, exoskeletons, innovative mobility aids
  • User interfaces, brain-computer interface, bio-signal control interface
  • AAC products, studies & evaluations, translations
  • Universal design, inclusive housing & work place, transportation, accessibility issues
  • Smart home technology, environment control technology
  • Computer access products, software, studies & evaluations
  • Product development, commercialization, start-ups, and business related topics
  • Social issues, policies, political issues related disability and aging population
13-15 May 2008 Click for more information
pHealth 2008 Valencia, Spain It is an international workshop on wearable micro- and nanosystems for personalized Health. It will offer a forum for discussion, networking and exchange of experiences. Future challenges for use of nano- and micro technologies, wearable and implantable sensors and ICT into personal health management systems will be discussed. 21 - 23 May 2008 Click for more information
10th International Conference on
Application of Advanced Technologies in Transportation
Athens Greece The importance of the 10th International Conference on Applications of Advanced Technologies in Transportation (AATT 2008 ) to the World's Economy has been deeply and fundamentally affected by the development of new generation systems. Systems that are largely based on emerging technologies and that integrate transportation technical innovation as an essential step toward improving transportation infrastructure and providing more efficient advanced transportation operations. It is important to meet the dynamic challenges of growing demand in modern day transportation. The Applications of Advanced Technologies in Transportation (AATT 2008) Conference series provides a unique stage for sharing and exchanging research ideas, engineering practice and creating synergies between research and practice, practice and research. May 27- 31 2008 Click for more information
ICCHP 2008: 11th International Conference on Computers
Helping People with Special Needs
University of Linz
The conference will address the following topics:
  • Accessibility and Usability
  • Age Related Disabilities
  • Assessment
  • Assistive Technology
  • Design for All
  • Education
  • eInclusion
  • Labour Market Integration
  • Medicine and Care
  • Service Delivery
  • Smart environments
9-11 July 2008 Click for more information
AE International 2008 Las Vegas
The conference objective is to provide an international forum for the dissemination and exchange of scientific information on theoretical, generic, and applied areas of ergonomics, including , physical ergonomics, cognitive ergonomics, social and organizational ergonomics, ergonomics modelling and usability evaluation, healthcare and special populations, safety and ergonomics in manufacturing 14-17 July 2008 Click for more information
13th Biennial Conference - International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication Montreal
The aim of the Research Symposium is to create opportunities for in-depth discussions, which may be difficult to accommodate in the more structured schedule of the Main Conference.
The goals of the Symposium are:
1) to focus on theoretical, methodological and empirical issues for research and practice in augmentative and alternative communication; and
2) to identify areas where present knowledge is insufficient in order to expand the knowledge base of the field.
2-7 August 2008 Click for more information
21st World Congress of Rehabilitation International - People with Disabilities as full Citizens: The Roles of the Society and the State Quebec City
The mission of the conference will be to support the organisms and the professionals who have a mandate of helping the elderly and special populations to achieve motor independence. 23-28 August 2008 Click for more information
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