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ASK-IT demos

Indoor Navigation and eMuseum

ASK-IT Final Video

ASK-IT on Euronews

ASK-IT Video

This video depicts in an easy and understandable manner what ASK-IT is about and what it aims at achieving, namely allowing mobility impaired people to travel independently from one country to another, making use of the latest ICT available, and all this in an accessible and affordable manner.

WP2.8 Demo videos

This demo is demonstrating the discovery and connection establishment of mobile devices to public terminals. This video is showing a scenario discovering and controlling an elevator. Although this is not the final scenario, it is showing a proof of concept for discovering and controlling a public terminal. In this video you see a Pocket PC scanning a 2-dimensional barcode which contains the Bluetooth connection parameters. These parameters are taken to establish a connection to the elevator (simulated by a PC class machine) and controls the movement of the elevator using Web Services running on the elevator. Based on this proof of concept we are building the final scenario using a public vending machine

Download Elevator Demo Video

PredictEnDeGr2 FTB

The demo shows a proof-of-concept of the ASK-IT multi-lingual writing support aid, based on the context-sensitive word-prediction functionality of FTB-TippFixx. When a character is entered, a number of most likely word completions are displayed in a "proposal window". The part of a prediction that corresponds to the written beginning of a word is highlighted in a different colour. The user can select a proposal either by using a pointing device (mouse) or by hitting defined selection keys on the keyboard.

In particular, the demo shows the switching of languages (English, German, Greek) in a standard word processing application running under MS-WindowsXP.

Download PredictEnDeGr2 FTB Video.

Predict Web FTB

The demo shows a proof-of-concept of the ASK-IT web-based multi-lingual writing support service, based on the word-prediction functionality of FTB-TippFixx which is provided by FTB's transparent word prediction server.

In particular, it shows the public accessible web site http://ask-it.ftb-net.de/predict which includes 4 areas for user's text input. For demonstration purposes each text area got assigned a different language (English, German, Greek, French). When a character is entered into the text area, the content and language settings of the text area are sent to the prediction server. Based on language specific dictionaries the most likely completions of the current context are determined.

Proposals are presented to the right of the textarea. The list contains at most ten proposal sorted according to probability. The first proposal is the most likely. A special symbol ("") is displayed to indicate that the suggested word ends with a blank character. The part of a prediction that corresponds to the written beginning of a word is highlighted in a different colour.

There are two ways to select a proposal: by mouse click or by hitting a defined key combination.

Download Predict Web FTB Video

Newcastle Demo video

Download video (Size: 400MB).

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