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ASK-IT ( IST-2003-511298)
Ambient Intelligence System of Agents for Knowledge-based and Integrated Services for Mobility Impaired users

The ASK-IT integrated project aims at establish Ambient Intelligence (AmI) in semantic web enabled services, to support and promote the mobility of Mobility Impaired people, enabling the provision of personalised, self-configurable, intuitive and context-related applications and services and facilitating knowledge and content organisation and processing

In order to satisfy this aim, the work in ASK-IT is organised in 5 SubProjects (SPs):

SubProject 1: Content for all

Content gathering, interfacing, modelling and integration into a dynamic, open and flexible Data Management Module. It is not narrowed to stand alone transportation tasks, but also does not over-extend to all possible MI related services. The gathered and interfaced content is absolutely needed to provide ASK-IT services and may be well extended in the future to cover new services or emerging new content, with the use of commonly defined content models and ontologies and a semantics-based integration.

SubProject 2: Tools for all

Tools developed cover a wide area, focusing on new tools for seamless and adequate accessible route guidance and intuitive user interfaces, but also interfacing all the MI environments and everyday tools, such as driver support, domotics, home health care, computer accessibility, assistive devices and services e-procurement. The selected tools match well the gathered content within SP1 as well as the priority areas of interest of MI people. Thus, they can support a truly holistic service, without unnecessary development of specific modules for niche markets (i.e. particular aids for blind, deaf or wheelchair users that may not be viable). By streamlining research in few focus areas and still interfacing and adapting several existing modules and tools, the integrated ASK-IT service delivery is facilitated at minimum additional cost.

SubProject 3: Ambient Intelligence Framework

Ambient Intelligence is achieved by introducing personalisation to the content management (intuitive semantics), search functionality (intelligent agents for service provision), as well as the usability (self configured UI). It tailors the service to the user's preferences, needs and habits as well as to the context of use. It then introduces this intelligence to the body, personal, local and wide area networks, and the integrated, secure service platform. Thus, the intelligence is diffused on all aspects of service provision; else the unintelligent parts (i.e. content, functionality or interface) would cancel and limit the benefits of the intelligent ones. On the other hand, intelligent sensors are not developed, but interfaced from other research initiatives (such as SENSATION IP), to limit the work to the required for the service provision and result to a low-cost, modular, s/w-based system.

SubProject 4: Accessible Europe

Accessibility is demonstrated by integration and installation of ASK-IT in 7 interrelated European sites, where significant accessibility content and infrastructure exists (to minimise efforts) but with many different IST technologies and sociological characteristics (to demonstrate interoperability). Furthermore, intercity Pilots between these sites guarantee the seamless service delivery across Europe . The selected sites offer a good balance between full European coverage and avoidance of unnecessary duplication of efforts and are all jointly managed and coordinated by a single Authority (POLIS), to safeguard unanimity in application and evaluation. The scenarios tested in these Pilots cover together all selected use cases of SP1, but do not attempt to address all possible parameters combinations nor to be based on local-centric approaches.

SubProejct 5: Horizontal activities

ASK-IT concept and SPs interrelation are highlighted in the following figure:

diagramatical image
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